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                    SINCE 2010

                    Hangzhou Yongyao Technology Co., Ltd. is famous

                    China Small Household appliance manufacturers and contract manufacturing Kitchen Appliance suppliers

                    . Now engaged in multiple product lines: rice cookers, air fryer, electric ceramics heater, electric pressure cookers, disinfection small household appliances, oven and other product lines, with more than 40 categories and more than 400 SKUs. Yongyao has the whole industry chain supply capacity of PCBA design, assembly, electrical accessories manufacturing, injection molding, hardware and electrical appliances manufacturing and processing. Yongyao has a manufacturing base nearly 200,000㎡, with about 3,000 employees ,more than 500 R & D and management personnel.
                    • Supply Advantages Of Vertical Integration.
                    • Meticulous Selection For Top Grade Quality.
                    • Strong R & D Ability To Create More Value For Products.
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                    OUR PROVIDED PRODUCTS

                    Mainly engaged in multiple product lines: rice cookers, multi-function computer cookers, electric ceramic cookers, electric pressure cookers, air fryer, disinfection small household appliances and other multi-category product lines. Our small household and kitchen appliance support Contract manufacturing and OEM/ODM.

                    • rice cooker
                      rice cooker

                      Rice cooker series

                      Brilliant Design Meets Marvelous Manufacturing,We would never reduce what you expected from us.


                      Keep warm


                      products show

                      • YYF-30FH01 3L Multifunction IH Rice Cooker, 10 Menu, 24 Hours Time Setting, Steam, Soup
                      • YDF-30FH02 3L Multifunction Rice Cooker, 10 in 1, Quick/Slow cook, Steam, Soup
                      • YYF-40FH10 4L/5L Rice Cooker Smart, Multifunction, Low Sugar , Multi Menu, Timing setting
                      • YYF-20FS02 2L IH/heating plate Multifunction Rice Cooker, 12 Menu , Steam, Soup, Cake

                    OUR FOOTPRINTS
                    ARE AROUND THE WORLD

                    We provide quality products and services to customers from all over the world
                    Mainly include South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, Indonesia...

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